Just Added – Even More Shades of our Gorgeous Coloured Silver Leaf

Our new range of coloured silver leaf is now available on our website. From standard to light resistant, marbled to oxidised, the colours and styles suit many different types of work. The above bowls were created by Lenore Zavitz of Moth and Mirror and showcase the stunning and vibrant colours of the leaf. Lenore’s aim is to team the organic material, representing the moth with the contrasting sharp jewel-like effect of the coloured leaf, representing the mirror.

The process of creating pure coloured silver leaf involves taking pure silver leaf and then dying and coating it with a plastic resin on both sides to create a vibrant leaf with the brightness of silver in a myriad of gorgeous, jewel-like colours. Coloured silver leaf is most often used in artistic applications; it can be used in paintings or other artworks, for wall coverings and is especially popular due to its eye catching finish in glass gilding.

Emma Peascod demonstrates the use of coloured silver leaf in glass gilding with this beautiful piece from her “Skin and Stones” Verre Eglomise Collection.

The standard size is 109 millimetres with a thickness ranging from 0.5 to 3 microns. It can be found for purchase on our website here in a very wide range of colours and finishes.

Below are some artworks created by clients illustrating the variations of application for this product range. It is a fairly experimental product and although traditionally used for the decoration of Kimonos in Japan, artists and designers are pushing the boundaries and finding lots of interesting applications.

Alexandra Spyratos draws inspiration from her background and incorporates coloured silver into her African wildlife inspired pieces resulting in beautiful bold pieces. Her dynamic combination of fluorescent materials and coloured leaf adds dimension to her pieces.

Coloured silver leaf is versatile and can be used across many mediums.

Black oxidised leaf used in interior decorating.

Using coloured silver leaf in Kimonos has stretched back years and years and is an integral part in the traditional process.

And last but not least….Sarah Scotchman’s beautiful collection featuring our coloured silver leaf.

Although we’ve previously done a separate blog detailing Sarah’s work we love her work so much we couldn’t leave her out. Sarah’s collection uses the coloured silver leaf to highlight the elegance of the female form, and was recently featured in the Turner Barnes Gallery Exhibition.

Celebrity Doodle Project ‘Elvis’


Last year we featured in our blog the Celebrity Doodle fundraiser for the British Glass Heritage Foundation. Allister Malcolm was inspired by the story  Damien Hirst giving a cabbie a doodle as a tip, which the cabbie then turned around and sold for £12,000, the fundraiser aimed to take doodles from celebrities and glass artists would then turn them into unique glass art. These would then be sold to raise money for charity.

Jonathan-Harris-5Jonathan Harris, a world renowned glass artist and engraver, has recently completed three stunning glass vessels for this fundraiser. Each intricately decorated vessel was handblown and engraved by Jonathan and features designs inspired by Elvis Preseley, his guitars and his famous logo ‘TCB!’ These designs were inspired by celebrity, Mark Hill – co-presenter of BBC2’s ‘Collectaholics’ and his lightning-bolt doodle. The designs were painstaking carved through multiple layers of 24ct gold and sterling silver leaf that we donated to the cause.

The complicated final stages of producing these gorgeous, one-off pieces was done in front of a delighted crowed at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge. Jonathan, working together with Allister Malcolm and Dan Ridgway at Allister’s studio, completed the tricky final reheat stages that go into creating these reheated cameo pieces.

These fantastic art pieces are generating a lot of buzz through Jonathan’s own private collectors, Elvis and music fans and glass lovers who are looking for a unique, one-off artwork to add to their collections.

All three pieces will be offered at auction at the Decades of Design Auction on 24th October with all proceeds going to the The British Glass Foundation’s charity. All of the other ‘Celebrity Doodle’ pieces, that also included doodles by other celebrity’s including Beverly Knight, Frankie Valley, Raymond Blanc, & Lenny Henry to name but a few, will be auctioned later in the year to raise funds for the Glass Foundation.

You can find more details on the auction at Fieldings Auctioneers.

Customer Showcase – DKT Artworks and Eoin Turner Glass at The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show

In case you missed it, last April London was host to The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show – the premier showcase of luxury travel, living and the finer things in life. Showing at the exhibition hall this year was DKT Artworks and Eoin Turner Glass, both long-time and valued customers of ours and ones who we’ve featured before in this blog!

DKT Artworks are specialists when it comes to high-end interior decorative effects and with their team of talented artists, designers and craftspeople they can manage a project from design, to production and right the way through to installation. Their work has been a feature of quite a few luxury yachts over the years, plenty of top-of-the-line yachts now feature bespoke artworks created by DKT Artworks! Click here to see the list of ships DKT Artworks have worked on!

While this showcase has largely been about DKT’s marine work there’s much more to them, check out their site here to find out more about the vast range of decorative effects DKT Artwork’s artisans are capable of as well as pictures of their completed work a list of prestigious clients.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Eoin Turner’s exquisite glass artwork then you can visit his site here.

Contemporary Glass Gilding by Emma Peascod – Gilded Panels for the Restaurant ‘Spring’ of Somerset House

We’ve featured Emma in our blog before and we’re unashamedly fans of her work. Emma has her own artistic flair when it comes to verre eglomise and incorporates a wide variety of influences and techniques into a style that is undoubtedly Emma’s own. This gorgeous piece of is made up of five large glass panels, each one hand gilded by Emma with a mix of layers of 22ct gold, silver leaf, Japanese papers and pigments. The incorporation of traditional Japanese paper or washi is a motif in Emma’s work, lending her pieces depth and texture over traditionally gilded pieces.

Gilded pieces like these fabulous panels make for eye-catching backdrops and features, more-so than traditional painted pieces – the shine of the metal reflects the tone and colour of the room, drawing the eye to it while imparting the space with with the warmth of the gold, leaving it feeling brighter and livelier. This particular piece now stands as a stunning backdrop in the reception area of ‘Spring’ at Somerset House, the new restaurant headed by Skye Gingell, and as you can see it’s a very inviting piece that captivates your attention.

To view more of Emma’s work you can visit her website, StudioPeascod.com

Bespoke Tallboy – A Collaboration Between Nocturne Workshops And Emma Peascod

In our very first blog post we featured Emma Peascod, a fantastic artist and gilder who specialises in combining traditional Japanese paper along with verre eglomise to create innovative, contemporary decorative finishes. One of these finishes which we also showed off was her gorgeous shagreen finish – a distinctive finish that emulates the pebbled appearance of ray- and shark-hide. Just recently Emma, working together with Simon of Nocturne Workshop, worked to create this bespoke cabinet for a private London residence.

The body of this beautiful tallboy was crafted by Simon – the main frame is solid, oiled black walnut clad in brushed stainless steel and the doors are made from single sheets of steel folded into pans with holes handcut for the glass panels.

The beautiful glass panels themselves were hand-gilded by Emma using her shagreen technique with variegated metal leaf and bronze powders to produce a finish that compliments the stone flooring in the space it will be installed in.

Talented Glass Artists Raise Money To Support Britain’s Glass-blowing Heritage

The Midlands have long had a history of engineering and manufacture and for one industry in particular this area was regarded as having the finest craftsmen in the world – that industry was glass-blowing. Since the 17th century the glass-blowing industry has had it’s roots in Stourbridge, reaching the peak of it’s advancement between 1850 and 1900 when it was regarded as the Mecca of glass-making. Since then the industry has been sadly in decline but it has left behind a legacy of fine glass in collections all over the world.

One of these collections is the one held by the Broadfield House Glass Museum which has one of the finest holdings of 18th, 19th and 20th century glass in the world. This stunning collection includes examples from every major period of glass production in the country with the highlight being the collection of cameo glass, the speciality of the Stourbridge factories at the end of the 19th century.

Unfortunately for glass enthusiasts and people interested in Britain’s industrial heritage the museum faced closure, prompting the launch of The British Glass Foundation in 2010 as a charitable group concerned with not only supporting the extensive collections of glass and other glass-making archive material contained in Stourbridge but also to support and promote contemporary glass art and artists. In 2012 The British Glass Foundation held the World’s Longest Glass-blowing Demonstration to raise funds – pitting two teams against each other in a gruelling test of endurance and glass-blowing skill. On one side was the team led by Allister Malcolm, resident glass artist at Broadfield House joined by Jonathan Harris, son of renowned studio glass artist Michael Harris and a superb glass artist in his own right. On the other was Elliot Walker and his team. Over the course of the event, which was an incredible 26 and a half hours they long produced an incredible 32 pieces that were later auctioned off. In total the event raised over £14,000 for the British Glass Foundation – an incredible sum that will go towards preserving and promoting Stourbridge’s glass-making heritage. We were delighted to have the chance to sponsor such a worthy cause by donating them with the supply of gold and silver leaf used during the glass-making.

Allister Malcolm, who has long been a customer of ours, is a renowned craftsman within his field with over a decade of experience. His rare combination of hot glass manipulating and cold glass processing skills along with his strong design sense have created a portfolio of handmade glass artwork that is an inspiration for other glass artists and has a powerful draw for collectors. Allister’s work has a dedicated cadre of collectors and the demand for his work means he’s been attracting commissions from discerning corporate and private clients the whole world over!

This year Allister is looking to do something a little different and drawing inspiration from the story of Damien Hirst giving a taxi driver a quick sketch as a tip, which would later fetch over £4000 at auction, has come up with the idea of Celebrity Doodles. Allister is hoping that local celebrities, such as Dudley’s Lenny Henry, will submit signed drawings that glass-makers can use as base to create a piece of work around that will later be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the British Glass Foundation to help them continue to preserve and promote the industry of glass-blowing in the Stourbridge region.

We wish Allister the best of luck with his project and we are very happy to be offering our support by once again donating gold and silver leaf.

You can see more of Allister Malcom’s work at www.allistermalcom.com and you can see more of Jonathan Harris’ work at Jonathan Harris Studio Glass Ltd.

Customer Showcase – DKT Artworks

This week we will be focusing on DKT Artworks, an incredibly versatile, well established London based company who offer a myriad of high end finishes within the field of decorative arts.

First founded in 1979 by three arts graduates – Niki Davies, Steve Keeling and Sean Trowbridge, DKT has gone from strength to strength, developing a formidable skill base with a team of around 30 in-house staff with expertise spanning Painting & Sculpture,
Industrial design, Carving, Gilding, Restoration, Trompe L’Oeil, Textiles, Sign-writing, Specialist decoration, Graphics, Stucco, Bas relief, Paint finishes and a host of other Decorative finishes. Whatever the project DKT can offer tremendous flexibility, from working on-site to finishing projects completely in-house and ready for transportation and fitting by other contractors. They work closely with designers, architects and private individuals to ensure smooth running of the project .

DKT boasts a truly impressive worldwide client list and a vast portfolio of completed projects spanning a wide range of venues and disciplines – from painted panels featured on award-winning super-yachts to distressed finishes on the interiors of upmarket London restaurants and bars. Below we have showcased just some of the gilded decorative artwork  that DKT have completed. The pictures below are a very small part of their extensive portfolio.

Gilding and glass gilding are just one of the many decorative disciplines that DKT are masters of, below are even more examples of the work they’ve done using genuine gold and silver leaf.

To view more of DKT’s portfolio or if you need details to get in touch with them then click here to visit their website.

Frances Federer Is Exhibiting at PURE London This Weekend

This weekend marks the start of Pure London’s February show, the definitive fashion trade show for ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories. Exhibiting there this year will be Frances Federer, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable glass gilders around.

Frances is the author of Gold Leaf, Paint and Glass and it’s companion DVD, The Mirror Project. This pioneering book is the first publication in English to devote itself to the methods, techniques and history of reverse painting and gilding on glass, often known as verre églomisé. The publication is written for students, artists, collectors, conservators, curators, interested amateurs, teachers and designers, many of whom will have been patiently waiting to learn more on this topic and is the culmination of Frances’ long experience. We have created glass gilding kits here at Gold Leaf Supplies which contain all the products required to embark on the projects within Frances’  book.

Although previously better known for her large glass gilded installations, Frances has recently branched out into jewellery, creating a range of rings, pendants, cuff links and other items incorporating hand-engraved glass gilded images set in silver. Each one is a tiny, intimate showcase of France’s artistic skill and soul.

These pieces, along with some new work will be available to view at Pure London at stand Q107.

The Art of Bathing – Grace of London

Art meets design with the elegant baths created by Grace of London. Each one can truly be called ‘bespoke’ as they are painstakingly finished with hand-painted, hand-cut pieces of glass that have been gilded in either 12ct, 18ct and 24ct white and yellow gold, silver or platinum, encrusted in sparkling Swarovski crystals and then each piece is coated in  a protective resin ensuring a flawless finish.

The finish on this particular bath, “The Mayfair”, was created using over 15,000 handcrafted pieces of glass gilded with 24ct gold and then furnished with a trellis of jet and golden shadow Swarovski crystals. It’s a true work of art!

Grace of London specialise in the design and manufacture of unique pieces of furniture like this and their expertise with mosaic and gold leaf designs is unquestionable. Their team boasts no less than two Royal Warrant holders amongst a host of other truly talented craftsmen and a design team with decades of experience between them, headed by founder and an award-winning craftsman in his own right, Robert James Grace.

Every piece they create is a signature piece, an extension and reflection of the client it was made for. Working together with designers or architects every detail from the colour to the design of the pieces can be specified to create truly one-of-a-kind bespoke masterpieces, transforming beautiful rooms into spectacular spaces!





It’s A New Year and A Time For New Beginnings – Introducing our new Blog and Twitter

Happy New Year to all! With this being the time of fresh starts and new beginnings we’re pleased to welcome our new blog AND our new Twitter, @GoldLeafSupply!

Our blog has been a long time in the making but now, it’s finally here! From this point forward this blog aims to provide you with all sorts of information about the world of gilding and decorative finishes – from advising of any updates on products to news on new products lines in our store, showcases of the wonderful work our customers create and all manner of other interesting bits and bobs.

As we speak glass gilding (or verre églomisé) is enjoying a renaissance and our talented clients are forever pushing the boundaries to create some of the most beautiful and really incredible finishes using many different colours of gold and silver leaf. We have many examples of the sort of work our clients produce using our products at our Client Gallery but for today we’re showcasing two talented customers and their recent work:

The beautiful golden splashback created by Emma Peascod (@emmapeascod) showcases the quality of her glass gilded pieces, the gold leaf shines like a mirror and bathes the kitchen in a reflected golden glow. The green ‘shagreen’ finish is typical of her innovative style combining traditional glass gilding techniques with classical Japanese ones learned in her time abroad there.

The three gorgeous glass gilded panels below were created by Gareth Evans and his team of talented artisans at Watergilders.com (@watergilders) – they’re masters of pushing the boundaries of just what can be done with traditional materials when it comes to verre eglomise. It’s easy to see why these cutting edge pieces are being snapped up by designers!

So we begin to start 2014 in earnest we do so with a feeling of optimism – our clients are reporting a feeling of confidence out there in the marketplace and, as ever, they keep surprising us with the beautiful things they create! So let’s start as we mean to go on and keep making nice, bright, shiny things!